Post Service Officer

   Primarily, the Post Service Officers (PSO) help our post members receive information and assistance about veteran's benefits. We are not an accredited representative of the American Legion or the Veterans Administration (VA) and cannot file claims, but we are our Post's contact for information.

  Post 318 Service Officers are available at the Post Canteen on Tuesdays from 1:00 to 4:00 PM to assist our members and other veterans. First we do what we can to help solve the problem ourselves. Second we try to make sure the person gets help from sources available in the local community. Every case is different and the benefits, rules and laws are always changing and we strive to get veterans to the right people to help them obtain benefits they are entitled too.

  We also assist immediate family members of deceased veterans inquiring about possible benefits available to them and people that need help in obtaining Discharge Certificate for departed family members so they can become members of the Post's Auxiliary or Son's Units.

  If you, or someone you know needs veterans assistance, please contact the Post at 772-878-0655 with the appropriate information.