The Post, Auxiliary, Son's and Legion Riders Chaplain is not necessarily a clergyman, but a person capable of moral and intellectual leadership and one who gives dignity and respect to the office. In carrying out the duties of their position, they:

    - Keep in close touch with the Post Commander, Auxiliary President, Son's Commander and other officers of the Post, Auxiliary and Son's.

   - Attend all meetings of the Executive Board and General Membership of the Post, Auxiliary and Son's respectively and conduct the appropriate ceremonies.

   - Conduct appropriate ceremonies on Memorial Day, other patriotic occasions and dedications.

   - Conduct funeral services when requested.

   - Assist the bereaved families of Post, Auxiliary and Son's members

   - Send condolences to the families of deceased Post, Auxiliary and Son's members.

   - Send cards of encouragement to those Post, Auxiliary and Son's members who are sick and also visit them in the hospital, nursing home or at home when necessary.

  In addition, the Post Chaplain works with the Post Historian on graves registration work and inspires the Post to fulfill it's duty in seeing that the graves are decorated on Memorial Day. The Post Chaplain may also serve as chair of the Post's Veterans Administration Voluntary Services (VAVS) Committee which coordinates the volunteer endeavors of the membership with nearby VA hospital facilities.

    If you know of any member of the Post, Auxiliary or Son's who is sick or in distress, please contact  the Post at 772-878-0655 with the appropriate information.