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December 2008 Jim Burk, Commander
 Dick Boulette, Editor
Commander's  Message
    We have had so many things happening lately, it’s hard to keep track. Our Halloween Party was a huge success. The place was jam packed and everyone had a great time. The food presented by Larry and his crew was so good and a real bargain at $5 a person. Several prizes were given out throughout the evening. A special thanks goes to Chris Camp for spearheading the decorations and getting some of the many prizes given out.
    On Veterans Day I know I was worn out. I attended ceremonies at Veterans Park, the local cemetery and at our own Post. Of course, everywhere I looked I saw our own Honor Guard & Legion Riders. The meal back at the Post was waiting for all of us. I know we fed a large number of people that day. Our Chaplain John Hagar is to be commended for also being at all 3 ceremonies to bring us the Word of God.
    Because of so many things planned for the holidays by the House Committee make sure to check your newsletter or the large calendar at the Post. New Year’s Eve will be an unforgettable event. The theme will be a USO Party. So all you veterans & spouses that have had experience in that arena will have to show up & show us how it’s done.
    On a more serious note our Post through various groups is donating monies to Mustard Seed in Ft. Pierce. Last year they fed 7,000 people in St. Lucie County a Thanksgiving meal. This year because of what is going on, they feel the count will be over 10,000. I was up there the other day taking what I refer to as Brenda’s Gift to them. Brenda Saffiotti goes to Walgreen’s after every major holiday & gets all the candy they donate to her & it is then given to the Mustard Seed & Salvation Army. The lady is truly doing God’s work. Make sure you thank her. If you are not doing anything on Thanksgiving, Mustard Seed sure could use your help that day feeding our less fortunate neighbors.
    This month was extremely hard to choose a member of the month from the above list of people. All are deserving. My choice is a person that is large, small, outgoing, quiet, funny, serious, older yet younger & has many faces. He is American Legion Post 318 Honor Guard. You guys always make us so proud of our Post.
    For God and Country
                                       Jim Burk, Commander   

First Vice
    Legionnaires, we ask for your help! We already have one of the best Posts in the District if not in the State. Part of this distinction is our membership drive. Some of you think, why should I renew my membership until I have to? If our members can’t wait to renew their membership then it shows that they can’t wait to show their support for our Post.    Help us to continue to be an example and hopefully and inspiration to other Posts who may not have the support of their membership that we have. Renew your membership now instead of waiting until the last minute. We need 50 more members by December 5 to obtain 75%, and we need 265 more for 100% membership. Another factor is that the door card to get you into the Post will be changed in December and you will not be issued a new one unless your dues are paid up.
    Thank you!
                          Denny Cush, Fist Vice Commander

Costs Are Up
    Due to the increase in costs in almost every category, we are going to have to increase prices on selected items at the Post canteen. This is not a step we have taken lightly, but it is no longer possible to keep the status quo on everything. Thank you for your continued patronage.

Chaplain's  Corner
        Post 318

   Peter Branden, Robert Hartlep, Otto Kahl, Robert Mason, Joe Skerby and Conraqd Tutela

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Don't let negavtivity of others pull you down; instead live with uplifting fawith.

If you know any member sick or in distress PLEASE call:
             JOHN F.H. HAGER, Chaplain  PH# 879-7095

Auxiliary Unit 318
 Betty Fitzsimmons, Jane Hite, Ann Hunter and Jackie Lutton.  May God bless each of you.
THOUGHT  FOR  THE  DAY:  May God be with all of you and keep you safe and healthy in the Year 2009

      If you know a AUX member that need prayer or just a chat PLEASE give me a call...
            MATTIE KELLY, Chaplain,  PH# 879-7095


At American Legion Post 318
Good Friends, Good Cheer!


Auxiliary  President's  message
Hi Ladies!
    May I be the first to wish all of you wonderful ladies SEASONS GREETINGS! The Post has a jam-packed calendar for the next few weeks. Keep your newsletter handy for dates & times. In the spirit of caring, when you make your holiday plans,  please include a veteran, a spouse of a veteran, a neighbor or someone who otherwise would be alone at the holidays. I promise you it will be the best gift you could bestow upon them & the best gift you could give yourself. Sharing & caring are what the holidays are all about.
    Get your party hats ready for New Year’s Eve! The Auxiliary is hosting a “USO” gala. Wear something from a military uniform, a “retro” outfit or some sparkle! We need your singing voices as we ring in the New Year 1940’s style with Emcee Commander Jim “Bob Hope” Burk. See you at the festivities. Merry Christmas & a Very Happy New Year!
     Call me if you need me… @561-371-7240
                              Robin Burk, Auxiliary President
    Quote for the month: “Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, & enjoy every idle hour.”   Author: John Boswell

Son's - American Legion
To The Members of Squadron 318
    A quick reminder that tickets are still on sale for the lap top computer. It is a wonderful Christmas gift.
    Our Christmas Party for our foster children will be December 13 from 11:30am to 2pm. There will be a donation board put up in the Post. Please help support the kids.
    The Toys For Tots will be picked up at 3pm on December 20. There is a toy donation box in the Post. Please drop off an unopened toy which will make the kids very happy.
    There are still American Flags to put on your car  to show your support for not only the Post but all of our veterans available at the Post.
    Congratulations to Andy, Brenda, Annmarie and Brian on serving over 100 lasagna dinners on Wednesday. All I can say is that you are the best. Thank you for supporting your Post.
                            Tommy Bowes, SAL Commander

Honor/Color Guard
The end of the year is almost here. Where did the time go? If you missed the Veterans Day Ceremony on 11/11 you missed a very nice ceremony for the veterans. Some of you attended the memorial for “Viet Nam” Joe. It was a ceremony that would have made him proud. Hopefully, he found peace in Post Everlasting that he couldn’t find here.
    These are  some of the things the Color/Honor Guard do for veterans and their families. We work hard to make sure the family feels better during that hard time by doing the best we can for the memorial to honor the veteran and bring pride to Post 318. This particular evolution of the Honor/Color Guard is about six years old. If you are young (we are talking 50 or less) that is not a long time, but most of us are in our sixties or older. Remember when we were a hell of a lot younger the days never seemed to end, the years were 36 months long and tomorrow never came. Now, next month is already here. The party we were looking forward to, was yesterday. The point I am trying to make is, please consider joining us in making sure that we continue to honor those that deserve it and to make passing on, something that is not  an ending but a celebration of life and deeds. In the last few months we have had a few who have joined us with positive results. Try it, you are not signing up for a four-year tour.
    Thank You
          John Aitken, Sergeant-At-Arms

Everybody Should Feel Special
This time of year is so very important. Our Post has and always tried to reach out a hand to all, but particularly to those who believe that they are all alone. We are going to Pt. St. Lucie Nursing & Restorative Care on Orleander on Thursday December 4 at 2pm. Please join us in making the holiday a special day for all those residents. In the past & hopefully long into the future, the Legion, with the help of the Riders, will continue to give these and other individuals an opportunity to feel as though there is still a reason to think ; I am special!

Texas  hold'em  tournament
    Our next tournament will be held on Tuesday, December  16 at 7pm. Doors open at 6:30. We play from 7 to 11pm if it lasts that long. In order to play you must be a member of the American Legion (any post), Aux. or SAL. 80% of all donations will be returned to the players in the form of cash prizes. Come on down and support your post and have some fun and possibly walk away a winner.

  Open to the public every first (1st) and third (3rd) Monday of the month. Come on in and enjoy a game that we are sure you have come to love.
    All monies taken in by the Post goes towards our veterans and their families. It is vitally important that you and all of our members help to make the Post a place to have fun, but more important, a conduit to help veterans and their families.

E-Mail  Change
    I am going to change my email carrier. I was going to wait until Monday, November  24 to take the newsletter to the printer so that the new editor email would be correct, but due to the fact that the next week only had 3 regular work days with both the printer and to some extent the post office makes that impractical. If you have to reach me call the Post.
                        Dick Boulette, Editor

January 11 - Document Party
The cruise documents for the January 11 cruise will be given out on Monday, Dec. 22 at 7pm. If you cannot attend, please call Linda Geraghty @772-344-6474 to make other arrangements for getting your documents. We will also go over pre-registration requirements for Homeland Security.