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October  2007 Frank Howard, Commander
 Ken Moldt, Editor
Commander's  Message
    By the time you read this message, VetsFest will be over. I'm sure it was a great success and all who attended had a good time. I will report the final totals at our Oct. '07 meeting. I must apologize to the many members who have been wondering, "Where is the commander?" The answer is quite simple. I have been working diligently to insure that VetsFest was a success. Now that it's over, I look forward to working with not only the other elements of the Post, but the membership as well. My goal is quite simple. I know and most of our members know, we have the finest Post in Florida. Now we must prove that to others. This can only be accomplished by our deeds and not just words. It, however, can only be accomplished with the help of all of its members. The key word is VOLUNTEERISM. During the two years that I have been a member of this Post, I have noticed that the same individuals volunteer their time and talents to insure that any Post functions are handle in a professional manner. I also find it hard to believe that a Post comprised of over 1300 members can only count on about 75 individuals to always carry the load. I challenge each member to look inward and ask himself or herself, "What have I done for the Post lately?" To paraphrase JFK "Ask not what your Post can do for you, ask what you can do for your Post." I remember an old Army Sergeant Major's favorite saying, "If you can't help with the solution, then maybe you're part of the problem" seems to apply here. If nothing else, I urge all members to attend their respective units monthly meeting. Your input does make a difference and your ideas and comments can only help strengthen our Post. This month our "Member of the Month" is MARGARET TROCKI OF THE AUXILIARY. Margaret is always there for the Post. Just make a phone call and she will be there. It doesn't matter what job needs to be done; cleaning, cooking, waiting on tables, filing, copy work, decorating or wherever she can help. Margaret is there for us! This is a perfect example of VOLUNTEERISM. Margaret has been with the Auxiliary for the past 8 years, 3 years as their Treasurer. Congratulations to Margaret are in order!  
                                     Frank Howard, Commander

Chaplain's  Corner
        Post 318

Leonard W. DeWitt, 08/31/07;  Harold Livingston, 09/05/07;  Joseph Paika, 09/06/07;  Kenneth C. Kinkaid, 09/12/07
  Our sincere sympathy is extended to the families and friends of our departed comrades who now enjoy eternal peace.

Harold J. Bright, Dale Hollopeter, Randy Hunter, Anthony Palzzolo, Norman Thomas, Conrad Tutela and Sheldon Weiss

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  So get rid of your old self which made you live as you used to; Your hearts and minds can be made completely new.

If you know any member sick or in distress PLEASE call:
JOHN F.H. HAGER, Chaplain  PH# 879-7095

Auxiliary Unit 318
    Please call me if you hear of someone sick or in the hospital so I can make my visit and send cards.  This is the only way I have of knowing who is sick or otherwise.
MATTIE KELLY, Chaplain,  PH# 879-7095

Honor/color  guard
With the coming of fall, the Honor / Color Guard is getting busier. This calendar year is shaping up to be a banner year for the Honor and Color Guard with several appearances in front of National audiences. We started in the Spring with presenting the colors for the New York Mets. This game was attended by several area politicians as well as the New York television. For our Memorial Day ceremony Congressman Tim Mahoney was in attendance. Most recently we started off September by assisting a color guard contingent from Patrick AFB in presenting the colors for Patriot Day; a PGA fund raiser at the PGA Village, This started a relationship with the PGA that is sure to be long lasting. Mid month, we return to the PGA Village to present the colors for the opening ceremony for the National Special Olympic Games.
The Honor / Color Guard was fully involved with Vets' Fest at Tradition Field on September 22nd. We were assisted in presenting the colors by the Junior ROTC contingents from Port St. Lucie High School and Port St. Lucie Centennial High School. On behalf of the Vets' Fest committee and the Legion thank you to both groups. You not only made your school proud, you made us proud of you. The guard collected $10.00 per vehicle as an admission fee. All proceeds went to the "Heroes to Hometown" program which helps wounded veterans with their adjustment to civilian life.
    We are also please to announce we are in the planning stages for the Salvation Army's MASH BASH. The Honor / Color Guard will be staffing the museum as we did last year. If you have any artifacts or memorabilia that you may want to display, it would be greatly appreciated. Dick Boulette has graciously agreed to take charge of your items and keep them secure. Please see Dick at the Post.
    If anyone knows of any organization that needs the services of the Color or the Honor Guard please have them call me directly. We are proud to provide this service for the community.   

                                   Dana E. Lambert, Sgt-At-Arms

    Our next tournament will be played on Tuesday, October 16 at 7pm.  Doors will open at 6:30.  We play from 7 till 11pm, if it lasts that long. You must be a member of the Post (Legion, Auxiliary, Sons) in order to play. Any member may bring a guest, but the member must also play. Come to the Post and make a night of it. The kitchen will be open and you can get something to eat. Most of the players order around 7:30 and eat during the 8 o'clock break. 

At American Legion Post 318
Good Friends, Good Cheer!


Auxiliary  President's  message
Greetings and Salutations:
    We all had a wonderful time at the Commander's Recognition and Appreciation dinner on Aug. 19. Everything was great - dinner, music and lots of camaraderie.
    I will repeat one thing the new Commander stresses, and that is a big Thank You for your support of the Post this past year. We cannot do it without YOU!
    The first Auxiliary meeting was on Sept. 22 and I was happy to see all the members that attended once again. To those of you who get this newsletter and don't attend the meetings, I am asking you to please make an effort to come and enjoy. We have a lot of good things planned for the year and we know you will be happy you came back.
    Wanda O'Neil and I attended the Orlando, Auxiliary Conference in August. We got plenty of information about our programs and how we can successfully implement them. We will need Your help in doing so. Marion,
    Margaret, and I went to the School of Instruction on Aug. 15, and received lots of information regarding our programs and the way that YOU can help implement the programs we want to work on.
    Margaret Trocki and I had the privilege of attending the Patriots Day Ceremony at the PGA Country Club on Sept. 1st along with members of the Legion, Honor Guard, SAL, and Riders. The PGA of America, has started what they hope will be a yearly program to solicit funds for scholarships for sons and daughters of soldiers that will not be coming home from Iraq or Afghanistan. They have set up a matching funds and green fees donation for this admirable scholarship program.
    Please remember to see Marion Mason, membership chairperson regarding your dues. Confirm and/or correct any information such as addresses and phone numbers. Pay your dues before Oct. 15 to get in on the early bird drawing. You will not get a reminder from National, for whatever reason they have decided not to send out notices until October.
    One of the projects we are going to do this year is our very own cookbook with recipes supplied by our members. We want to get this started as soon as possible.
    Bring in your own best recipes for the committee to look over for inclusion into the cookbook. Give to bartender or a member so they can get it to me.
    Once again, we look forward to having a fantastic year with all the events we have planned. But, we need your attendance, your volunteerism and your great talents and qualities to do it.
                         ALWAYS A PLEASURE
                             Sunny Lavalle, President

Son's - American Legion
Hello Post 318,
    September was another great month for the SAL. Our pig roast was a hugh success. We sold 125 dinner tickets for our pig roast. We raised over $1,400.00 from out ticket sales and raffles. These proceeds will go to veterans, their families and special needs children's Christmas party. I would like to thank all the volunteers who help make this possible.
    Congratulations to Jeanette Hanna, she was the winner of our computer raffle. Bill Ord drew the winning ticket.
    Congratulations to Ken Moldt, Post 318 "Member of the Year." The SAL also presented Ken with a SAL jacket and made him a lifetime member.
    Our next meeting will be Monday, October 15th. Please attend! The holidays will be approaching soon and we will be planning our activities and functions.
    The Wednesday night dinners have started again. Please come in and enjoy a dinner prepared by our volunteers of the Post. The next SAL dinner will be Wednesday, October 10th.
    Please renew your memberships! It is important that we reach a 100 percent as soon as possible.

                                     Andy Saffioti, S.A.L. Commander

             WASHINGTON, D.C. 07-26-2007
    U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) today praised the passage by unanimous consent of his bill (S.1877) clarifying U.S. law to allow veterans and servicemen not in uniform to salute the flag. Current law (US Code Title 4, Chapter 1) states that veterans and servicemen not in uniform should place their hand over their heart without clarifying whether they can or should salute the flag.
    "The salute is a form of honor and respect, representing pride in one's military service," Senator Inhofe said. "Veterans and service members continue representing the military services even when not in uniform.
    "Unfortunately, current U.S. law leaves confusion as to whether veterans and service members out of uniform can or should salute the flag. My legislation will clarify this regulation, allowing veterans and servicemen alike to salute the flag, whether they are in uniform or not.
    "I look forward to seeing those who served saluting proudly at baseball games, parades, and formal events. I believe this is an appropriate way to honor and recognize the 25 million veterans in the United States who have served in the military and remain as role models to other citizens. Those who are currently serving or have served in the military have earned this right, and their recognition will be an inspiration to others.

    On behalf of Sharon Hornung's family and myself, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the wonderful memorial service held for her at the Post.
From the onset of her illness, the AMERICAN LEGION FAMILY of POST 318 was there for her with support and encouragement in her fight against a dreadful disease. The daily phone calls, visits, cards, prayers and individual acts and sacrifices will always be remembered.
Now that Sharon has moved on to Post Everlasting, my AMERICAN LEGION FAMILY of POST 318 continues to provide encouragement and support for me in my personal battle with the grief of losing someone that I loved dearly.
Thank you so much
For God and Country
Bill "Moose" Horan - PC