8543 SO.  U.S. HIGHWAY  #1
PORT  ST.  LUCIE,   FL    34952-3347
PHONE - FAX 772-878-0655
July  2007 Daryl Bowie, Commander
 Ken Moldt, Editor
Commander's  Message
Dear Legionnaires, Auxiliary, Sons, and Legion Riders,
    My term as your Commander is coming to a close. I would like to congratulate Frank Howard as Post 318's new Commander and the rest of the Officers who won in our recent elections. I know each will continue to oversee all aspects of the Post as it has been done in the past. I encourage all Legionnaires to support each of these individuals and if you have ideas or suggestions to make our Post a better organization, then I ask you to talk to the Officers or bring your ideas or suggestions to our General Membership meetings. Like I have always communicated, it's the members who make the decisions and vote on the direction our Post Takes. It's your Post, so get involved. I hope over the past 2 years the E-Board and myself have accomplished what you as members wanted to happen. We strived for unity among all groups within our Post. We combined the House Committee to be represented by all groups so all would have a voice on the activities you as members enjoyed or would like to see. We started our Honor/Color Guard. For the last 2 years, these guys have stepped up to the plate. They are such a great asset to our Veterans, Community, and Post. What they do is so important. Thanks to those men. We restarted our American Legion Baseball Team after not having such a great program for our youth for 8 years. Not only do we have a team but we have three. Two "B" teams and an "A" team. Our Membership has increased close to 200 members the past two years, as new members see Post 318 as an active and involved Post for Veterans, our Community, and Youth Programs. We have worked hard providing those who needed our help and assistance.
    I want to thank all the Officers who have been on the E-Board for the past two years. Their leadership skills and dedication to the Post was a great asset to the direction the Post has taken. I also want to thank all the members, who have volunteered their time for such activities as Post functions, Wednesday Night Dinners, Post clean-up, and volunteering their time to repair and fix things around the Post.
    I want to thank all members from all organizations on their support they gave me. It was a lot of fun working with all and I always enjoyed everyone's input. Your confidence and encouragement meant so much when delicate decision making was necessary. This month our "Member of the Month" is Jim Burk. Jim has shown his commitment to the Post by being Commander of the Legion Riders and his active role on the E-Board. He is committed to making our membership goal in 2007-2008 as our new 1st Vice Commander of the Post. Jim, I salute you. In closing, I ask all members to remember that Post 318 is one of the best Post around. Be proud of your Post and do what you can to help. If we stand together, we will succeed. Thank you all for the privilege of being your Commander.

                                          Daryl Bowie, Commander

1st Vice-Commander
Congratulations Post 318. I am proud to say that based on our final membership goal percentage of 109.7% we are the top post in our category (Posts with membership between 751 & 1,000). It is anticipated that we will receive recognition of this fact at the Departmental Convention in Orlando on July 6, 2007. I want to thank each and every one of you who have paid their 2007 dues and making us the top Post. I want to personally thank "Babe" Garneau for the previous job he did as your 1st Vice. His efforts made my job a lot easier. Thanks also go to Cmdr. Bowie who pushed, pulled and encouraged me to 'GET THOSE MEMBERSHIP DUES IN." Finally, I want to thank all of the bartenders who help our new members and transfer in filling out the correct forms and collecting the all-important dues. It has been my pleasure to be your 1st Vice for the last year and I wish our new 1st Vice, Jim Burk all the best for 2007-2008. Remember, you can make his job a lot easier if you get your dues in early. As we now look towards the 2008 year, remember, National should be mailing out the renewal notices after May 20th. Why not take the time to renew your membership early and get next years membership drive off to a roaring start. Again, thank you for your support
                          Frank Howard, 1st Vice-Commander
Chaplain's  Corner
Walter K. Shulack 2/11/07,  Sidney Tanner 5/15/07,  Walter P. Chmura 5/17/07,  Albert J. Buckley 5/25/07,  Edward E. Winters 5/30/07,  Robert W. Kruse 6/7/07 and Raymond Goughan 6/11/07
Our sincere sympathy is extended to the family and friends of our departed comrade who now enjoy eternal peace.

Donald Baldwin, Dale Hollopeter, Randy Hunter, Stanley Martin, Harold Bright, Sheldon Weiss and Elmer Duncan

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Do the right thing... Especially when no one is looking.

If you know any member sick or in distress PLEASE call:
JOHN F.H. HAGER, Chaplain Post 318, 879-7095
MATTIE KELLY, Aux. Chaplain Unit 318 879-7095

Legion riders
Greetings from the Legion Riders,
    As I'm sure you know it's election time at the Post, and we as riders have a new slate of officers:
        Rider Commander. . . . .Greg Emerson
        1st Vice. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ed Sandora
        2nd Vice. . . . . . . . . . . . .Carol Lanigan
        Secretary. . . . . . . . . .Brenda Peterson
        Chaplain. . . . . . . . . . . .George Sinbine
        Sgt-At-Arms. . . . . . . . Paul Scozzafava
        Historian. . . . . . Greg & Donna Skinner
        Liaison. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Greg Skinner
        House Cmte. . . .Greg & Sally Emerson
    We are looking forward to another good year in our efforts to help the needy. The plans for our annual poker run on July 22, "Giving Vets a Hand" is well under way and should be a huge success again this year, don't miss the fun and festivities!
    We are also looking forward to the State Convention in July and representing Post 318 as Veterans, Sons, Auxiliary, as well as Legion Riders. We hope to see you there. At this time I would like to thank all of the Post members and riders that encouraged me in accepting this position.
    Until next month, "Keep your Knees in the Breeze."
                                Greg Emerson, Rider Commander


At American Legion Post 318
Good Friends, Good Cheer!


Auxiliary  President's  message
Greetings and Salutations,
    Hope you all have a great summer recess.. " LOL!! " We will not have any meetings in July and August.. But get ready for September when we will look at all the plans for next fiscal year.
We are off to convention on July 6, 7 and 8 in Orlando, and I am sure they will have some plans for us too.
    Installation of Auxiliary Officers will take place towards the end of July. No date set as of today. But you will get a phone call and we welcome you to join in the festivities.
    There will be an Executive Board Meeting at the Post on the 18th of August at 10:00am. Next meeting of membership is on September 15th at 12pm.
    Members - Please make sure that Marion Mason has your updated address and phone number. We need this - your cards will be mailed to you for renewal!!!
    Once again thanks to all of you who participated in our events and who helped out in those events. We are looking forward to having an outstanding and productive year but we will need your volunteer time and efforts to do so. Have a safe and happy summer.

                         ALWAYS A PLEASURE
                             Sunny Lavalle, President

Son's - American Legion
Hello Post 318
    We are into the month of July and it is the beginning of our new fiscal year. I would like to congratulate all the officers of the Legion, SAL, Auxiliary and Legion Riders. I look forward to working with all of you to have another successful year for Post 318.
    The SAL would like to give a special thanks to Ken Moldt for his hard work and dedication to the SAL and the Post. Ken has stepped down this year as our finance officer. He is also a Past Commander of the SAL and the editor of our news letter. I SALUTE YOU KEN!! Thanks for all you do.
    I would like to thank everyone who attended our last SAL meeting. We have functions and raffles planned for the upcoming year. There will be no meetings the month of July and August. Our next meeting will be Monday, Sept. 10th.
                                     Andy Saffioti, S.A.L. Commander

Honor/color  guard
    The Honor/Color Guard is looking forward to working with our new Sgt-At-Arms, Dana Lambert. We have been very lucky to have had Conrad Tutela for these many years. Who, through his efforts has made our Unit one of the best on the Treasure Coast. We wish him the very best and promise to continue to make him proud of the Unit he helped to form.
    Dana has big shoes to fill, but all of us in the Honor/Color Guard vow to at least continue and hopefully to improve our dedication and services to Post 318.
    We meet every first Tuesday and third Thursday of the month at 6:30.
                                   Dick Boulet, Asst. Sgt-At-Arms

    Lt. Commander Ross Maggard, asked American Legion Auxiliary Unit 318, if we would attend the banquet for the St. Lucie West Centennial High School's, NJROTC, on May 4, 2007 at Club Med in Port St. Lucie.
    I presented one Scholastic Medal and $100 check to Jessica Williams and one Military Medal and a $100 check to Skyler Freer. They will put the money towards their scholarship. The students put on some interesting skits, and then they received their medals and awards. It was a very interesting night. A good time had by all. I received 2 thank you letters from the girls, they were very happy for their gifts.
                                Rita Woodburn, Auxiliary Sgt-At-Arms

    We will continue through the summer months. We play every 3rd Tuesday of the month. Doors open at 6:30 and we play from 7:00 until 11, or until one player wins all the chips. We welcome any member, whether he or she be Legion, Auxiliary or Sons. You may sign in a guest but you must also play. GOOD LUCK

Auxiliary Hosts Fifth Annual
  Golf Tournament

    On Sunday, May 20th, our Auxiliary held its fifth annual charity golf tournament at Gator Trace Country Club in Fort Pierce. One hundred and nineteen golfers, our largest turnout to date, shared a wonderful day of golf and prizes. Not even the love bugs could ruin the day! Proceeds from the event will go to a number of worthy causes such as the "Heroes to Hometown" program, the "Welcome Home Project" for homeless veterans, and the "SafeSpace Shelter for Abused Women & Children." We will also be sending more phone cards to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    A $400 cash prize was awarded to the first place team of Joe & Bob Michaloski, Don Black, and Mike Gallo. Cash prizes for 7th and 15th place were also awarded along with prizes for lady's longest drive, men's longest drive and closest to the pin. Only one golfer, Nancy Morris, sank her putt to win an official New York Mets workout jacket, courtesy of Tommy Bowes and the New York Mets.
    After the tournament a luncheon and awards ceremony was held back at the Post for all participants. A number of raffle prizes were given out and a 50/50 and Texas Hold-Em drawing was held. Prizes for the tournament were donated by local businesses, sponsors and Legion members.
    The Women's Auxiliary and the Golf Committee extends their thanks and best wishes to all who made this event a tremendous success. Special thanks go to Linda Geraghty and Wal-Mart for their generosity and support; to Tommy Bowes who again went above and beyond the call of duty by acquiring a number of raffles prizes and sponsorships; to Steve Boulet and Roger Dean Buick who once again provided the car for the hole-in-one. There were a number of other people - Riders, Sons, Auxiliary and Legionnaires - who devoted their time and energy to make this day a success.
    I would personally like to thank all the golf committee members for their hard work and long hours. Words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude for all that you've done. We only achieved what we did because of you and I look forward to your support again for our 6th Annual Tournament.
    Next year's tournament will be held on Sunday, May 18, 2008 and we hope to make it bigger and better than ever.
    Again, thank you all,
                                   Maureen (Mo) Aitken, Chairwomen