8543 SO.  U.S. HIGHWAY  #1
PORT  ST.  LUCIE,   FL    34952-3347
PHONE - FAX 772-878-0655
JUNE  2007 Daryl Bowie, Commander
 Ken Moldt, Editor
Commander's  Message
Legionnaires, Auxiliary, Sons, and Riders,
    Here we are in June and getting close to the middle of the year with the Post that's at 110% in membership. What a job by all in making our Post a very successful Post. I know I have said it many times before but it takes alot of energy by alot of members to keep the Post going in such a successful way. It takes alot of planning, hard work, dedication, and pride by those to insure the Post moves forward in the right direction. A Post where all members are proud and want to do more.
    Our Veterans, underprivileged children, and community need our help. We must never swerve from the principles of the American Legion. We must always do what we feel is the best effort to help those in need. It might not be financial efforts each time. It might be in the way of getting a Veteran the benefits he or she might deserve or it might be in the form of helping one get to the V.A. Hospital for services, but we as Post 318 have always been there and we must be proud of our efforts. Our Memorial Day function was a huge success. I want to thank the Sons for their outstanding clams and chowder they served and a big thanks to all the volunteers for making it all happen. I also want to thank our Honor Guard, Chaplains of both the Legion and Auxiliary for their participation in the Memorial Day services at Veterans Park. If you have never attended any of the services held at Veterans Park then you should make it a point to attend when you can. All Veterans Organizations really do a great job in remembering our Veterans and what all have fought for for our great land, the U.S.A.
    By the time you read this all Elections from all organizations will have been carried out. I would like to congratulate all who won and ask that all members give them their support thru this next year. Its these members who have stepped up for you, the membership, to carry this Post Forward. This Month I would like to make Russ Hagerthey our Member Of The Month. Russ has been on the E-Board and a great asset to our Post over the past 5-6 years.  His wisdom and input on the many decisions has been what our Post has needed during those years.  Thanks Russ for your support.
                                          Commander Daryl Bowie

1st Vice-Commander
    One month to go in this membership drive. Our current figures show we have 843 paid members . This brings our goal percentage to 109.06%. We need just 8 more members to reach 110%. We are still in 1st. place amongst Post with membership of 750+ and should win this year's membership award at the Department Convention next month.
    Now that this years membership drive is almost complete, I would like to thank all of you who have paid their membership dues. To the more than 600 members who were "early-birds" a special "thanks."
    As we now look towards the 2008 year, remember, National should be mailing out the renewal notices after May 20th. Why not take the time to renew your membership early and get next year's membership drive off to a roaring start.

                          Frank Howard, 1st Vice-Commander
Chaplain's  Corner
Bernard J. Maiewski 05/06/07
Our sincere sympathy is extended to the family and friends of our departed comrade who now enjoy eternal peace.

Donald Baldwin, Dale Hollopeter, Randy Hunter, Harold Bright, Francis Donleavy and Stanley Martin

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: What we give we get back.  Practice friendliness and openness, and most people will be friendly and open in return.

If you know any member sick or in Distress PLEASE call:
JOHN F.H. HAGER, Chaplain Post 318, 879-7095
MATTIE KELLY, Aux. Chaplain Unit 318 879-7095
American Legion Post 318

Honor/color  guard
    The month of May was again a relatively slow month. In our case that is a good thing. We are always ready to pay honor to any deserving veteran at a moments notice, but we are glad when our services are not needed. By the time you read this, Memorial Day will likely have passed, but you don't need a holiday to pay homage to our service men and women. If possible write or make some kind of contact with them to let them know we are behind them one hundred percent. While you are at it, contact your representatives, both State and National and tell them we will not allow them to play games with our soldier's lives. Legionnaires vote and there are a hell of a lot of us. If you have not registered to vote, do so today. Speaking of voting, don't forget to vote for our Post officers on Friday, June 1.  We meet every first Tuesday and third Thursday of the month at 6:30.
                              Conrad Tutela, Sergeant-At-Arms


      Retired U.S. Army Military Intelligence as Multi-Discipline
                 Counter Intelligence Operator Analyst
    Paid up for life, American Legion & VFW Member.  Active Post member from 2000 to present. Member of New Team that helped stop the Post from moving to Saint Lucie West. As Finance Officer, 2001-2004, developed computer based accounting system that tracks all monetary actions in the Post. Drafted first Budget,. Member of the E-Board Supports & Attends most Post events.
    2004 to present, Service Officer & Assistant Finance Officer. As Service Officer assisted Veterans in taking advantage of their benefits. Purchases Phone & PX cards for our "Support the Troops" program.
    As Commander, I will work with all members and groups of the Post. We need to continue the advancements we have made.
                                                    Gary Schmitt


At American Legion Post 318
Good Friends, Good Cheer!

      Text Box: Post 4th of July Party
Freezer & Freezer Full of Meat
Raffle by the PostHot Dogs, Burgers, Corn on the Cob and much more ~ $6.00 pp
Music by Sal, DJ Extraordinaire

Auxiliary  President's  message
Greetings and Salutations: 
    At the last meeting the following officers were elected:
        President: C. Sunny Lavallee
        1st Vice: Robin Burk
        2nd Vice: Marion Mason
        Secretary: Tammy DePace
        Treasurer: Margaret Trocki
        Chaplain: Mattie Kelly
        Sgt-At-Arms: Rita Woodburn
        Asst. Sgt-At-Arms: Laura Mastermaker
        Exec. Board: Jodi Murphy, Wanda O'Neil & Betty Swank
    I want to thank all that voted and know that everyone elected will do their best to make you proud of that fact.
   Don't forget the Memorial Day Picnic and Honor Guard Ceremonies at NOON on May 28th. Our compact refrigerator raffle winner will be selected that day. It's a great event - mark your calendar.
    We are still collecting school supplies!! There is a bin at the Canteen for you to drop them off. And with the no sales tax week coming up in July for school supplies - this could be your opportunity to get some for the bucket.
    A big thanks to all who volunteered and to those who served as officers this year! We could not have had such a successful year without your assistance.  

                         ALWAYS A PLEASURE
                             SUNNY LAVALLEE, PRESIDENT

Son's - American Legion
Hello Post 318,
    We are into the month of June and we had our elections, the results are:
        Commander: Andy Saffioti
        1st Vice: Harold Barth
        2nd Vice: Ron Christian
        Adjutant: John Kearns
        Finance: Jeff Emmeluth
        Chaplain: Bob Baldwin
        Historian: Jim McLaughlin
        Sgt-At-Arms: Greg Emerson
        Executive Board: Tom Bowes, Jim McNally,
                                  Bill Ord and Jon Rice
    I want to thank all the members who attended the meeting and voted. I also want to thank all the members who took positions as officers. I look forward to working with everyone to have another successful year.
    Our next meeting will be Monday, June 11th at 7:00pm. Please Attend!!!   
                                     Andy Saffioti, S.A.L. Commander

    I had 8 schools participate in the, "I'm Proud to be an American" essay contest. put on by the Department of the American Legion Auxiliary. I was pleased that I received 120 essays from Port Saint Lucie & Fort Pierce schools.
    I read many essays and they were very informative by these young students. I was notified that our Unit 318 had 2 winners; 6th grader Alex Crespi at St. Anastasia's Catholic School and 4th grader Christian Medina at Frances K, Sweet Magnet School, they each won a $50 Bond and a certificate. Their essays are on the way to National. I will know in July at Convention whether one of these students make it for the "National Winner." Every student received a Certificate from Tammy Dyk, "Americanism Department Chairman." I am very proud to have 2 winners from Unit 318.
                                      Rita Woodburn, Americanism

    My name is Frank Howard and I'm running for the position of Post Commander. I retired from the Army as an Infantry Major in 1987 after 24 years of service. My service included 3 tours in Vietnam, 2 in Korea and 1 in Germany. I have BS degree in Business Management from NYIT and a MBA from Farleigh Dickinson University. After my military career, I worked for the Star-Ledger Newspaper in New Jersey until June 2005.
    I joined this Post in July 2005, a month after I moved here from New Jersey, I joined the Post Honor Guard a month later and am proud to say it is my pleasure to serve with this unit. Last year I ran ( unopposed ) for 1st Vice Commander and won. I'm proud to say that this Post was able to achieve 100% membership by the end of December. Only our Post and one other ( membership of 750+ ) can claim this accomplishment. My most satisfactory accomplishment to date is the "Wall of Remembrance." I designed, gathered and correlated all the information and along with the help of the Honor Guard, constructed "the Wall." I also wrote the ceremony for its dedication last July. I am currently the project coordinator for "Vetfest" scheduled for September 2007 at Traditions Field. This project will establish funds for the "Heroes to Hometown"program.
    One of my goals as your new Commander will be to seek out and secure a new location for our Post. Be assured, the new Post will be in close proximity to our current Post.
As most of you know, we are rapidly out growing this facility. I will strive to continue the recruitment and retention of legionnaires to insure our continued growth. I would also like to increase the participation by more members in the many worthwhile causes this Post contributes to. Finally, I plan to continue monitoring all the financial aspects of the Post to insure we maintain our strong financial position. No changes will be made without consulting both the E-Board and membership.
    In closing, let me say, I have the military background, the education and most importantly, the time and desire to devote myself as your next Post Commander. Regardless of whom you vote for, remember, you have earned your right to vote, so do so on June 1, 2007.  Thank you!
                                          Frank Howard

Our next tournament will be played on Tuesday, June 19 at 7pm. Doors will open at 6:30. We play from 7 till 11pm, if it last that long. You must be a member of the Post (Legion, Auxiliary, Sons) in order to play. Any member may bring a guest, but the member must also play. Almost every month we see a new face or two. Some come back and some don't. In order to play the game according to the rules we would need a dealer for every table, which we don't. Every player deals in turn, as in regular poker and instead of low blind and high blind, everyone antes up each hand. When we get to the last table we then have a dealer but we stay with the ante.
    Every week we have three volunteers: the person who sells chips and settles any disputes, which by the way rarely happens, the server who runs drinks or anything else the player might need, and the doorman who makes sure that no one who doesn't belong there, gets in.
    Come on down and try it. We have a small but loyal group of players who have a great time every month.


During the summer months, starting June 6th. the kitchen will be open for lunch on Wednesday from noon to 3pm.