8543 SO.  U.S. HIGHWAY  #1
PORT  ST.  LUCIE,   FL    34952-3347
PHONE - FAX 772-878-0655
June 2006 Daryl Bowie, Commander
 Ken Moldt, Editor
Commander's  Message
Hello Legionnaires,
    First, I would like to remind everyone that Election Day for Officers is June 2nd from 12:00 noon till 7:00 pm. I encourage all Legionnaires to come out and vote. The next day is Saturday, June 3rd, our General Membership Meeting. Your vote is very important. Please take the time to read who is running for office and then vote. I would like to see you all there for the meeting when results are read.
    In May we held a Post Clean-up. I would like to thank the following people for volunteering their time and energy in insuring our Post is in tip top shape. These people performed duties that our Post really needs about every 4 months, like painting, heavy cleaning, window washing, replacing ceiling tiles, and the like. Thanks go out to Frank & Connie Cafiso, John & Dottie Kearns, Bill Wilmot, Denny & Mike Cush, Arnie & Toni Thompson, Marion Mason, Andy & Brenda Saffioti, and Kim Bowie.
    Also in May, on Mothers Day, a few of us went to the Port St. Lucie Convalescent Center on Oleander Ave. Mattie Kelly, Kim Bowie, Arnie Thompson and myself distributed flower arrangements that were made by Brenda Saffioti, to the ladies that reside there. We had a great time visiting with all of them and they really appreciated the flowers from the Post.
    We now have 3 American Legion Baseball Teams. One "A" Team and 2 "B" Teams. We are all very excited about this upcoming year. I encourage you to attend a couple games and give your support.
    A lot of great activities are planned for the summer. Please look at the monthly calendar in each Newsletter and try to attend some of those that are scheduled. Everyone that attends sure say they're a lot of fun.
    This month I would like to nominate Conrad Tutela as "Member of the Month." His hard work and dedication with the Honor and Color Guard is outstanding. His dedication to the Post is a valuable asset. I thank you Conrad for your dedication.
                                     Commander Daryl Bowie

 Chaplain's  Corner

John Anton 4/25/06,  Robert Taylor 5/1/06
Our sincere sympathy is extended to the family and friends of our departed comrade who now enjoy eternal peace.

Elmer Duncan, Dale Hollopeter, Charles Kircher, Ray Scheuffele and Herbert Weda

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  All my relationships are blessed by the harmony of God's love.

If you know any member sick or in Distress PLEASE call:
JOHN F.H. HAGER, Chaplain Post 318, 879-7095

Legion riders
    I want to thank all the Legion Riders for reelecting me at our May meeting. I am proud to lead such a great group of Veterans, Sons, and Auxiliary members, that just happen to also love motorcycles.
    Several questions have come up recently concerning the direction the Riders are taking in our benefit and fund raising efforts. People have questioned why we are abandoning Special Olympics. This is not the case. After last year's successful event we recognize that Special Olympics is a worthy cause, and we will continue to participate in their local functions. However, we realize that we weren't doing anything to help the veterans in our area. Many of us feel that since the American Legion is a service and veterans organization, first and foremost we should be helping veterans.
    There are too many veterans sleeping in the woods and rummaging through dumpsters to eat. These veterans served our country and are for the most part invisible. If it wasn't for veterans there wouldn't be an American Legion, no Sons, no Auxiliary or even Legion Riders. The Riders have committed to help these forgotten people. At last count there were over 200 people sleeping in the woods in St. Lucie County, many of whom are veterans.
    We have set some pretty ambitious goals to make a positive impact of the lives of these veterans. As we direct our efforts towards these goals, rest assured that all money raised will go towards veterans and their families - providing transportation, food, clothing, housing, and toys for veterans families at Christmas.
    We offer to all post members, a heartfelt thanks for all of your past contributions and do hope that you will continue to support our future efforts for veterans!
                               Jim Burk, Commander Legion Rider


At American Legion Post 318
Good Friends, Good Cheer!


Son's - American Legion
Hello Post 318 !
    We are into June and summer is right around the corner. I want to thank all the members who attended our meeting in May. It was a great turn out and we had some new faces. We also signed up new members that night.
    We will be having our election of officers this month. We have some positions open so anyone who would like to be an officer please attend.
    Our next meeting will be Monday. June 5th which is the first Monday of the month because I will be out of town the next week. Please try to attend. We all need to work together to have another great year for the S.A.L. and the Post. Our Wednesday night dinner went well, we served 80 meals. Our next dinner will be June 21st.
    Don't forget our Memorial Day raffle of a generator, gas can and a $75.00 gift card. Tickets on sale in the canteen for $10.00 each.
Please check your membership cards. We have members who have not paid their dues for 2006.
                                     Andy Saffioti, S.A.L. Commander

Support our troops
Hello 318; First of all I have to thank Linda Watson for bringing it to my attention. Besides the Support Our Troops program, we have found another outlet where we can help. With help of the Port Saint Lucie Police Athletic League (PAL) we will be collecting used cell phones and used ink cartridges to help our troops. There will be a box at the post to leave them in. They are turned in and video cards and phone cards are sent to our troops. It is another way to 'help. Please remember we have to do all we can. Thank You in advance for your support in this project.
                             Mary Mclaughlin


Honor/color  guard
    We have just come off another busy month and are full tilt into a very busy May. I want to commend my fellow guard members who answer the call for whatever reason that comes up, be it a funeral, memorial, celebration or even taking on the monthly breakfast every once in a while. It wouldn't be fair of me to thank our members and not include the Riders who are always there for us. Thank you all.
Text Box:  
Due to the House Committee meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, we have decided to move our first practice of the month to the 1st Tuesday, so our practices will be the 1st & 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm during the summer months.
                              Conrad Tutela, Sergeant-At-Arms

Nominating Committee
    The Nominating Committee has put together a slate of officers. The election will take place on Friday, June 2 from 12 noon to 7:00pm at the Post, with the results being announced at the General Meeting on Saturday, June 3.
   Commander .. Daryl Bowie        
   1st Vice . . . Frank Howard
   For 2nd Vice, we have two candidates:
     Al Dergis & Larry Ruschell,  (You may only pick one, if you mark both, your vote for 2nd Vice Commander will not count..)
   Finance . . . Dan Newman
   Historian . . . Tom Loudon
   Chaplain . . . John Hager
   Sgt-At-Arms Conrad Tutela
Running for the Executive Board, we have six candidates: Jim Burke, John Flaksa, "Babe" Gameau, Russ Hagerthey, Dana Lambert, & Gary Schmitt.  ( For the board you may only pick three (3) members out of those running. ) See sample page 2.
    Remember. Friday, June 2nd, 12 noon till 7pm., to VOTE

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