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MAY  2006 Daryl Bowie, Commander
 Ken Moldt, Editor
Commander's  Message
    Hello all Legionnaires, May has arrived and we are off to a great start for summer. Many activities are planned for this summer, so please take notice of the Monthly Calendar, and plan to attend what the House Committee and other organizations have put together for all members.
    Our membership renewals are now at 96%, we need to hit the 100% mark I ask for all members to check their membership cards and make sure that they have renewed. Don't let your membership expire.
    We must all remember, one of the most important reasons for our Post, is to make our community or neighborhood a better place in which to live, and to assist veterans and their families of the area. But this reason must be spelled out in terms of our progress at Post 318 to our members of the Post and community. We all have a certain amount of responsibility to continue the programs at our Post. Whether it be by being an officer, helping others in the community, being on the Color Guard, to just down right making a difference by voicing your opinion at meetings. They all make a difference. They make the Post what it is. So when your wondering what it is we do, come to a meeting or come around the Post and see.
    I am very proud to announce that Post 318, now again, has an American Legion Baseball Team. We approved this at our April meeting. We will have both an "A" and "B" team. Post 318 used to have a team and it fell by the wayside for about 6 years. Our team over the years has had players go on and make it to College teams, and a few even made it to the Majors. Once the schedule comes out, we will post it in the newsletter for those wanting to attend games and root our team on. Again, this is one of our ways to help the community.
    The work of dedicated members of our Post who unselfishly devote their time and effort to assuring the success of our Post, is why we have a Member of the Month. This is why I announce that Andy Saffioti is our Member of the Month for this month. His dedication in making the Sons and the Post a better organization, is why I want to recognize him. Thank you Andy for all that you have done for Post 318. 
                                          Commander Daryl Bowie

1st Vice-Commander
I would like to ask all members who have not renewed to step up and pay their dues now. We are at 96%, year to date and we need your renewal to hit 100%. Check your membership card to see if you have renewed. Some of you might think you have, but I ask you to take a moment and check. We need your membership at Post 318! Please don't miss out on all the great things that are a part of your Post.
                           Babe Garneau, 1st Vice-Commander
Chaplain's  Corner
Neil L. Malvetti 4/1/06
Our sincere sympathy is extended to the family and friends of our departed comrade who now enjoy eternal peace.

Elmer Duncan, Dale Hollopeter, Charles Kircher, Ray Scheuffele and Robert Taylor

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: I forgive myself and others and accept inner peace and happiness.

If you know any member sick or in Distress PLEASE call:
JOHN F.H. HAGER, Chaplain Post 318, 879-7095

Honor/color  guard
April was another busy month for us. we don't see any reason for our busy scheduling slowing down because of a couple of important facts. Time is number one. As the years go by, our brothers-in-arms are being called to Post Everlasting in ever greater numbers. Acknowledgement is another: With every service and community function we do, we are being recognized and thus are in more demand than ever. We try to respond to all those who would avail themselves of our services, but as the demand grows, we will need more members to reach out to our veterans and their families. If you think you could volunteer even a few hours, please come down any second or fourth Tuesday at the post, when we are having practice and see if you would be interested in joining us. Thank you.
                              Conrad Tutela, Sergeant-At-Arms

Legion riders
    By the time you read this our Casino night will be history. I'm sure it was a huge success.
    We are continuing to visit other Posts as well as taking our first Don Vincent Memorial Ride, Don was a Legion Rider tragically killed 2 years ago on the way to Leesburg.
    At our last meeting we had 6 new members join. We now have 60 members.
                               Jim Burk, Commander Legion Rider


At American Legion Post 318
Good Friends, Good Cheer!


Auxiliary  President's  message
Good morning ladies,
    The Auxiliary has had a very successful year. My special thanks to all of you for all the support.
    Dottie Kearns and the nominating committee will have the slate of officers at the April meeting, election will be at the May meeting.
    Mark your calendar for May 14th., PSL Restorative Center, with Mothers Day gifts.
    Steak Night was a great success and will be held monthly on a Friday. Thanks Larry, Babe and the chefs, It was delicious.
    Many thanks to our District visitors. It was indeed an honor and pleasure to have you.
    May 21st., our Golf Tournament. Please sign up to help and remember door prizes to be given away.
    IRCC, will designate a Nursing-Student-in-Need for our $500.00 scholarship, donated to the Foundation at the college, and the State will match the $500.00, to go to the student in need for books and tuition.
    Until next month
June DeAngelo, President

Son's - American Legion
Hello Post 318!
    We are into May and I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. April was a great month for the S. A. L. Members of the Post, along with our Commander Daryl Bowie and myself, attended a fund-raiser in honor of Ray Denz's birthday. We donated $800.00 to the P.E.R. Fund, which goes to disabled veterans in our area. Then our Commander, Daryl Bowie, matched with another $800.00, for a total of $1,600.00 from the American Legion Post 318. THANKS RAY! WE HAD A GREAT TIME!
    On Saturday April 15th We attended the Easter-Egg Hunt at Whispering Pines Park, sponsored by Saint Lucie County Parks and Recreation. WOW, WHAT A TURN OUT! There were hundreds of children. Brenda, Harold, and myself attended the Easter Egg Hunt and donated 8 bicycles and helmets from the S.A.L. THE KIDS WERE SO EXCITED!
    We donated $300.00 in phone cards, so our service men and women overseas can keep in touch with their love ones.
    Our Wednesday night dinner, shrimp scampi over linguini, went over well, we served 103 dinners. I want to thank all our volunteers. Our next dinner will be May 24th, COME AND ENJOY!
    On Memorial Day, the S.A.L. will be raffling off a Generator, gas can and a gas gift card. Tickets are on sale in the canteen, and will be $10.00 each. Just in time for the Hurricane Season. Don't get caught in the dark!!!!
    I would like to thank the Honor Guard for cooking the breakfast in April. They served 97 breakfasts. Great job. THANK YOU! There will be no breakfast in May due to the Memorial Day party. 
    At our meeting, we planned some upcoming functions and events.  We will be having another Blues Party with prime rib dinner in August and a German Fest in October.  Watch future newsletters for time and dates.
    WE  NEED  MORE  VOLUNTEERS  TO  SET  UP!  We have over 200 S.A.L. members and the same volunteers every month.  PLEASE  SUPPORT  YOUR SQUADRON.  TOGETHER  WE  CAN  WORK  HARD,  HAVE  FUN  AND GIT-R-DONE!   Our next meeting will be May 8th.  Please try to attend.
                                     Andy Saffioti, S.A.L. Commander

Nominating Committee
    The Nominating Committee has put together a slate of officers. The election will take place on Friday, June 2nd from 12 noon to 7:00 pm at the Post.
   For Commander - Daryl Bowie
   1st Vice - Frank Howard
   For 2nd Vice we have two candidates: (vote for one only)
        Al Dergis and Larry Ruschell
   Finance - Dan Newman    
   Historian - Tom Louden
   Chaplain - John Hager
   Sgt-At-Arms - Conrad Tutela
             Executive Board: (vote for 4 only)
   Jim Burke,    Dan Ferraro,    John Flaska,   "Babe" Garneau  
   Russ Hagerthey,  
Dana Lambert,   Gary Schmidt

    For this year only, you may pick 4 for the E-Board because we have no outgoing Commander to go on the Board. At 2nd Vice you may only pick one of the candidates, if you mark both, your vote for 1st Vice Comander will not count. There will be a sample ballot located on the bulletin board at the post, also a sample copy of the ballot on page 2.

Auxiliary Nominating Committee
    At the Aux. meeting of April 15th, we have the following list of nominees. All others nominees who desire to run for office must be nominated from the floor at the next meeting on May 20th.
   President - June DeAngelo 
   1st Vice - Marion Mason
   2nd Vice - Carol Sassalone
   Secretary - Tammy DePace
   Treasurer - Margaret Trocki
   Chaplain - Mattie Kelly
   Historian - Ruth Lowden 
   Sgt-At-Arms - Rita Woodburn
   Ass't Sgt-At-Arms - Laura Mastermaker
                   Executive Board:
   Connie Cafiso, Mary McLaughlin, Jodi Murphy
Don't forget the next meeting on May 20th.
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Dottie Kearns, Nomintion Chairman