8543 SO.  U.S. HIGHWAY  #1
PORT  ST.  LUCIE,   FL    34952-3347
PHONE - FAX 772-878-0655
APRIL  2006 Daryl Bowie, Commander
 Ken Moldt, Editor

Commander's  Message
    Have you ever wondered why you joined Post 318, or the American Legion? Have you ever thought about what it is about the Legion that interested you into joining? Pm sure you have. I know you have read that the Post has done so many things for Veterans, Community, Youth, the Needy, and those who just down right need our help. Pm sure you have read about the many functions the Post have had to raise funds for those programs. Well, that's why you joined. So when your talking to others about your Post, be proud. Be proud of the fact you are an important member of American Legion Post 318.

    On April 1st, the reading of members that want to run for offices for next year will be read. If you are interested in running for one of the offices, I ask that you contact the Post before that date. Even if you are not interested I ask that you attend the meeting to support those that are wanting to run because they want to keep the success of the Post intact. The meeting will start at 12:00 noon.
    Our membership is now around 100%. A great feat for this year. Thanks to 1st. Vice, "Babe" Garneau for his efforts this year.
    I want to thank all the organizations for their tremendous efforts with all the activities and functions they have held this year.
    The Sons, Auxiliary, and Legion Riders have all stepped up and with their tireless efforts made the Post A better place.
    This month I would like to make Marion Mason the "Member of the Month." It always seems like when we need help for so many things she is always there. Her quiet demeanor is an asset. Please thank Marion for her energy.
                                          Commander Daryl Bowie
Chaplain's  Corner
Eugene T. Janiec 3/12/06,  John R. Logue 3/13/06
Our sincere sympathy is extended to the family and friends of our departed comrade who now enjoy eternal peace.

Robert Azzara, Dale Hollopeter, Charles Kircher, Neal Malvetti, Angel Ramierz and Ray Scheuffele

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.

If you know any member sick or in Distress PLEASE call:
JOHN F.H. HAGER, Chaplain Post 318, 879-7095

Honor/color  guard
    We have one new member since last month's newsletter, but we could still use a few more good men to expand our Honor/Color Guard. The more people we have the easier for all of us to service our veterans and their families. All of us in the group will tell you that what we do for our members is not a chore but an honor that none of us would willingly give up.
                              Conrad Tutela, Sergeant-At-Arms

Legion riders
    The Legion Riders have been very busy the last month or so. This time of year is perfect for riding. We have visited several other Post, went to the Fellesmere Frog Leg Festival, and attended the 4 Chaplains ceremony in White City. We are riding somewhere every weekend.
    We are hosting a Casino Night Friday, April 28, at the Post. We will also offer Pizza for $1.00 per slice. So you can either be a high roller or eat reasonably, or do both. If our party is half as successful as the Sons recent "Blues Night," we will be a happy bunch. Great party and dinner Sons!!!!
    People are always talking about the good old days. The
Riders feel that with our great Post of Veterans, Sons, Riders, and Auxiliary, the good old days are now. And again, we meet the first Friday of every month and visitors are always welcome.
                               Jim Burk, Commander Legion Rider


At American Legion Post 318
Good Friends, Good Cheer!


Auxiliary  President's  message
    Thanks to all members who have paid their dues. We are over the 100% mark. For those who have not paid 2006 dues, your names will be removed from the membership list.
Our Valentine dance was a good time for all who attended, many thanks to Marion Mason and her committee.
    The Golf Tournament is moving along well, contact Mo to volunteer and please bring all door prizes to our Auxiliary meeting or leave at the Post.
    Dottie Keams will chair the Nominating Committee for our new year. Anyone interested in any office, please notify her.
The Phone Cards are a hugh success and Mary McLaughlin is doing a great job getting them to our boys in Iraq. I thank the Auxiliary for supporting this wonderful cause. Our servicemen and women and our Vet's will always have our support and prayers.
    Check the April calendar at the Post for upcoming events.  I thank all the Auxiliary for your continued support.
 June DeAngelo, Auxiliary President      

Son's - American Legion
    Our Blues Party was a great success. I want to thank Larry and Tyler for preparing the prime rib dinner, it was fabulous, everyone enjoyed it. I would also like to thank our servers, bartenders, and all the volunteers for a job well done. I would like to thank Brenda and Marion for decorating the Post, excellent job, it looked great.
   With our raffle and auction money that we raised we were able to get more phone cards for our soldiers and donate money to disabled veterans.  THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!   
    Our Wednesday night shrimp scampi over linguini went over well again, so we will continue doing it. Once again thanks to all the volunteers who helped in the kitchen. Our next dinner is March 29.
    We had another good turn out at our meeting with lots of discussions and new ideas. Our next meeting will be Monday April 10th, please try to attend. We have elections of officers coming up soon.
    I would like to thank the Honor Guard and all the volunteers for preparing the breakfast in March. Its nice to work with people who can help share the work load. Our next breakfast will be April 30th.
    Don't forget to check your memberships!
                                     Andy Saffioti, S.A.L. Commander

Chuck's Last Game:  On Friday, February 17, we had a beautiful ceremony at the Post to say goodbye to a friend and comrade in arms, Chuck Rice. Family and friends packed the hall to cry, laugh and pay tribute to one of their own.
    The Honor Guard was there to give him full military honors and all there say they performed flawlessly. Being a member, I will tell you very rarely does everything go as it is supposed to. Most of the people watching will not pick up on the Mistakes that almost always occur, but after it is all over we will critique ourselves, in order to get better and not repeat the same mistakes. After this ceremony, not a one of us could point out any one thing to improve. I can't say for sure but I believe Chuck was our Sergeant-At-Arms and made sure we did our jobs properly. I would like to sign him up to a long-term contract.
    On Tuesday, February 21, was the night for our monthly Texas Hold'Em Tournament. Chuck had been in, I believe every one since we started and almost always came in the money. Every time the other players thought they had him out of the game, he would win a big hand and be in the thick of things again.
    A couple of us thought it would be nice to include Chuck in our tournament in some way. A table was set up with Chuck's picture at the head of the table for all to see. Five hands were laid out as if it were the final table for all the marbles, which was something that Chuck had participated in almost every month. A glass of Scotch (Chuck's favorite) was put next to Chuck's poker hand. I made sure that everyone had a very good hand, (we didn't want anybody to drop out.) But the best hand was Chuck's, a Royal Flush in Spades. As the night progressed, i would go to the table and play the hand as you would in the real tournament, only this one hand took all night to play. The real tournament went very well and it got down to the final table, which was the table that Chuck played every month. The first place winner was someone that played with Chuck at that table also every month.
    The individual (who doesn't want his name given) told me to give the money to Chuck's wife, Alberta "Bert."
    After cleaning up, we all retired to the bar for a nightcap before going home. I was talking with the person who had won and donated his winnings to "Bert", and I mentioned that Chuck was at the game and made sure he won because he knew that he would give his winnings to his wife. He told me not to get carried away, there was no such thing as help from beyond. We bantered this about for a while and then I had a crazy idea. My grandchildren had visited a short while earlier and had left their Yatzee game in my car. I went out and brought it back in and asked him if he was willing to put my theory to the test.
    I wanted him to throw the five dice just once, and if Chuck was there he would roll five of kind. He told me that was so ridiculous that, should that happen he would donate another hundred dollars to Bert. He rolled 5 sixes.
    You can't go out any better than that.

Dick Boulette