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PHONE - FAX 772-878-0655
MARCH  2006 Daryl Bowie, Commander
 Ken Moldt, Editor
Commander's  Message
To All Legionnaires, Auxiliary, Sons and Riders.
   Here we are into March already. Time really passes when your having fun and staying active. Here at the Post, time should move very fast because of all the activities, community involvement and programs we have done this term.
   I want to thank all members who have renewed their membership in the last few weeks. Like I stated in the last newsletter, membership is the key to a successful Post. For those who have not yet renewed, I ask that you do so soon.
   At our February General Meeting, we selected the Nominating committee for 2006-2007 Officers. Dick Boulette graciously volunteered to head the committee. If you want to run for office next year for any officers position, then I ask you to call Dick at 878-1962 or call the Post at 878-0655. Every Post needs good Leadership for their members. With the size of our membership, you try to do whats best for all, keeping in mind whats best for the continued success of the Post. I ask that any Legionnaire that's interested please see Dick.
   I would like to thank June DeAngelo as Auxiliary President, Andy Saffioti as Sons Commander, and Jim Burke as Legion Riders Commander. Their dedication this year has exemplified the true meaning of leadership. Many of their personal hours are dedicated to the success of our Post.
   This month I would like to make Bob and Sally Booth, our "Members of the Month." Their kindness in making the Post a better place is nothing short of fantastic. They always seem to make any Post program a better one when needed. Bob and Sally, I salute you.

                                          Commander Daryl Bowie

Chaplain's  Corner

Jack Chesworth,   Daniel N. O'Connor,  Dolores A. Morgan,  Chuck Rice,  Maurice Warren, and Tom Lyons (SAL)
Our sincere sympathy is extended to the family and friends of our departed comrade who now enjoy eternal peace.

Dale Hollopeter,  Charles Kircher,  Ray Scheuffele

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Empty out all resentment and hate - - They are like poison to the soul and mind.

If you know any member sick or in Distress PLEASE call:
JOHN F.H. HAGER, Chaplain Post 318, 879-7095
American Legion Post 318

Honor/color  guard

By the time you read this we will have had a very bust month of February. We have a very good base of 7 full time members and even with that we are stretched very thin. We could use more help, if you are able to put in a little time, we certainly would welcome it. There is a sign-up sheet at the Post, on the bulletin board by the bar, or see Conrad, Dick or Dana who are there almost every day in the Kitchen.
   We want to give out a very special thanks to the Legion Riders who made our breakfast the best one ever. They also came in force to the 4 Chaplains Ceremony at White City Cemetery and helped make that a success. If all our members were as dedicated as the Riders we would never have to beg for help.
   We will have a flag disposal ceremony at the Post on Saturday, March 18, right after the Auxiliary meeting. Please make an attempt to attend this important ceremony. It is the proper way to honor these flags for their service to our country. As veterans we shouldn't allow these flags to be disposed of as simply rags thrown into a fire.

                              Conrad Tutela, Sergeant-At-Arms

Legion riders
   It's hard to believe it was over six years ago that Morris approached myself and Ed Saudera about starting the "Legion Riders."
   Ed, George Sinbine and me teamed up with Bobcat and Nitro from Post 358, and under some guidance from Morris got the Legion Riders going.
   Morris knew this would be a good membership tool for the Post, and its quite evident he was right. Legion Rider membership is now ten times the original five, and is a positive driving force in the Post.
   Maurice Warren, the Legion Riders salute you and will miss you. You will always be remembered as a great visionary, a great Post Commander, and a warm wonderful Person. Our loss is Heaven's gain. May You Rest In Peace.
                 Jerry Lanigan, Past Commander, Legion Riders

This years Super Bowl party was a great success. Thank you all for the wonderful food. I don't think anyone left hungry. The "Kick and Pass" booths proceeds, as well as the proceeds from the 50/50 went to the "Support Our Troops" fund. Thank you for your generosity.
   In all we do, remember our men and women in harms way. This is an ongoing fund. Donations are accepted payable to American Legion Post 318, "Support Our Troops" fund. We send Phone and PX cards to our local soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Your support is greatly appreciated. See you at the Post.  
                                      Mary Mclaughlin
Auxiliary  President's  message
   We have had a busy year so far - the Auxiliary has done well for the veterans, which, as we are all aware of is our main concern.
   Mary McLaughlin is busy with the phone cards for those in service, thank you Mary.
   Marion Mason with "Ways and Means," is the force behind funding our projects. Our thanks to her and all those who assisted her.
   The scholarship for an IRRC student, in the nursing program will be forthcoming as is the one for an ROTC student at Centennial High School. They each will receive $500.00 for their schooling, or books which will be paid to the school of their choice.
   Membership is at 100%, I received notification from Department. Thanks to all who made this possible. 
   Our year ends for the Community Service in April, and your hours are needed for the "Annual Report." Please leave them at the Post for me.
   Moe and Joy are in charge of the Auxiliary Golf Tournament, any and all door prizes welcome, and all volunteers. See either one of them or Marion. We expect another successful tournament.
   Please, do not forget to notify Mattie Kelley with your correct phone number.
   The calendar for March, looks inviting, please try and attend. St. Patrick's Day Dinner, Friday the 17th. The Auxiliary will run the raffle and possibly have a few surprises. The 24th is steak night. Come and enjoy.
   A final word on being an Auxiliary member. We are here because of the American Legion Post. We perhaps do not always agree with others or with their opinions, but we must respect others and remember our conduct represents the Auxiliary, and what we stand for. We should never embarrass ourselves or the Auxiliary. We have a protocol for anyone who has an opinion or disagrees with any officer at our Post. Please use discretion when visiting the Post and work together for one goal, our veterans. Many thanks to all the Auxiliary members for your support and encouragement. We will have a great year. 
                                  June DeAngelo, Auxiliary President

Son's - American Legion
   Springtime is around the corner! We had a good turn out at our meeting and I would like to thank everyone that attended. Our next meeting will be on March 13, please try to attend, we need everyone's input.
   With the monies that we raised in our raffles and events, we donated to the "Fallen Heroes Fund," which is a state of the art hospital being build to help our soldiers with their disabilities and physical therapy. We also donated to the American Legion "Support our Troops" phone cards, and Hospice, which does an excellent job of caring for their patients.
   The winner of our Super Bowl raffle, which was a 32 inch TV, was won by Don Williams. Congratulations!
   Our Wednesday night dinner of shrimp scampi over linguini was a great success again. I would like to thank all of our volunteers who helped in the kitchen. GREAT JOB! Our next dinner will be March 1st. Don't forget the S.A.L. breakfast, which is the last Sunday of every month. Come start your morning with piping hot breakfast. Hmm-Hmm Good!
   All members please check your membership cards to see if they are current 2006. We still have members that have not renewed and are in jeopardy of having their Post privileges suspended. Please pay your dues!!!!

                                     Andy Saffioti, S.A.L. Commander

Nominating  committee
We know it is only March, but May comes very quickly and that is when we vote in our new officers for the year 2006-2007. We are always looking for new blood, which brings us new ideas. Change is inevitable in order to strive to better ourselves. Stagnation is the death knell of many organizations. Please step up to the plate and give our Post the leadership it needs.
  We are accepting nominations for:
Commander,    First Vice Commander, Second Vice Commander, Sergeant-At-Arms, Finance Officer, Chaplain and Historian
  We also need three Executive Board members. If you think you are qualified and would like to run for any of those offices, please submit your name to Dick Boulette, head of the Nominating Committee.

    Boosters help defray the cost of printing and mailing our monthly newsletter. To add your name, or to renew for one year, make your check for $10.00 payable to "The American Legion, Post 318", mark "Booster' on memo line, drop off at the canteen or mailText Box: ONLY IN AMERICA
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Boosters help defray the cost of printing and mailing our
monthly newsletter. To add your name, or to renew for one
year, make your check for $10.00 payable to "The American
Legion, Post 318", mark "Booster' on memo line, drop off at
the canteen or mail to:   The American Legion,
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The American Legion,
8543 So. U.S. Hwy #1
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"In Memory of  $15.00 per year
Business Cards ... $150.00 per year


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