Please return completed application to:

American Legion Post 318
8543 South U.S. Highway 1
Port Saint Lucie,  FL  34952-3347

Name:          D.O.B.:
Address:       Senior  (over 18)
City, State, Zip:
Phone:        E-Mail:
I am eligible through the military service of 
Who is   Living   Deceased  and served in: 
World War I  (4/6/17 -11/11/18)    World War II (12/7/41 - 12/13/46)    Korean War (6/ 25/50 - 1/31/55)
Vietnam War (2/28/61 - 5/7/75)     Lebanon/Grenada (8/24/82 - 7/31/84)
Operation Just Cause/Panama (12/20/89 - 1/31/90)   Persian Gulf War (8/2/1990 to date to be determined)
Merchant Marines (12/7/41 - 12/31/46)
He/She is a member of American Legion Post  located in
Legion Membership ID No. is:  _________________
Relationship of Applicant to Veteran:  Mother     Grandmother     Wife     Daughter
Sister     Granddaughter      Great-Granddaughter     Self    (step-relatives are eligible)
I am interested in learning more about:  
  Helping with Unit Activities    Fund-Raising Projects   Volunteering at a VA Hospital     
Participating in Educational Activities  Working with young people  Community Volunteerism/Assistance
 Check the member benefits on which you would like more information:
Money Market Savings Plan    Long-Term Care Insurance    Scholarship/Continuing Education
VIM Paid-Up-For-Life Membership Plan     Moving Discounts      Eye Care Plan
Displaced Homemakers Fund      Credit card      Other:
I hereby certify that the above named individual served at least one day of active duty during the dates marked above and was honorably discharged.    

(Signature of Applicant)                                         (Date)
Enclosed is $ as annual membership dues.

_____________________________  _____________   ___________________________    __________
Recruiter's Name                                         Unit/Post #           City                                                            State

 Date: _____________________
(Post Officer Membership Verification or Unit Sec'y Verification for Female Veterans Only)                                           
Upon completion, print the form using your browser's print function.  Make 2 copies, 1 for your records and 1 to submit to the Post.
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